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Mary Beth Poluka5Kevin is a life saver! He is so knowledgeable and polite. I am not computer savvy, but Kevin was still able to smoothly walk me through my computer issues remotely. I highly recommend him. I feel that my computer is in the best hands.

Jenny5LeissTech was able to get my Samsung galaxy S4 cell phone to turn on and get my photos and videos off of it that I would have otherwise lost. Then also gave me links to help get text messages off of the phone. I would recommend to everyone! (:
Gary5We were very pleased with LeissTech's service. Our laptop completely froze and they were able to recover all our documents and get it back into working order. All work was done quickly and they stayed in constant contact to keep us informed of what was being done and when we could expect completion. Due to the complexity of the repair, the laptop still had some issues and they spent over 2 hours with us on-line to get everything resolved. We also appreciated the free pick-up and delivery service.
Matt5I would highly recommend LeissTech to anyone having any problems with desktops and laptops. I had a new power supply installed in my desktop as well as a new hard drive installed laptop. Along with the new hard drive, a new operating system was also installed. Overall, I am very satisfied with the services of LeissTech. The prices are very reasonable considering the amount of work necessary. The service was very quick and I have not had any issues with either computer since they were repaired by this company. I highly recommend this company to anyone in search of knowledge and expertise with excellent customer service, all at a great price!
E.M5I would recommend Leisstech to anyone having any computer issues. They have saved me many times in the past, and I can't say enough about the professionalism and respect they give their customers. I received a very quick quote for the maintenance I requested on my laptop and the repair was quick and at a very reasonable price. 5 stars... Will be going back with any future computer problems.
- 5Great customer service and a quick repair! My laptop was running slow and freezing up. It now runs like I just bought it. Thank you!
Caley5My computer had a few viruses, lots of popups, and had started running slower. LeissTech solved all my computer issues quickly and at a reasonable price! Now, my laptop runs amazingly and I haven't had an issue since!
Mike5Even living 2,000 miles West, in New Mexico, Kevin @ LeissTech was able to accommodate my needs promptly and at a fair price. LeissTech does it all, from computers to pretty much anything with wires and a motherboard. If it's broken- call LeissTech first!
- 5Kevin is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and thorough with all electronics needs. Whether it was phone, ipod to computer repair we were comfortable leaving our electronics. Excellent customer service, very professional to deal with and affordable--a combination not found too often! He tries as best as possible to get work done in a timely manner--if not, he is quick to communicate what needs to be done, why and expected timeframe and keeps you updated. Highly recommended!